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Our products are made 100% by hand using Pure Plant and vegetable based food grade ingredients. The wonderful fragrances of our products come from natural essential oils extracted from flowers and plants. We use the old fashioned cold process soap making method retaining the natural glycerin in our soaps which help the skin to attract and retain its own natural moisture leaving it feeling soft clean and moisturized.

Our soaps contain no chemicals detergents or animal fats they are safe and healthy for your skin and the environment. Our goal has been to create 100% natural body products from scratch using organically-grown Botanicals that are safe for all living things. What makes our products special ? Many people never go back to commercial products once they have experience the sensation of our handmade soaps and natural products.


My name is Ahtarah Vortis. I was born and raised in the Holy Land of Israel. I am an extremely humbled honored and blessed mother of three young loving intelligent vivacious soldiers who are my daily inspiration, my fuel and the driving force that ignites my fire and creativity.

My boys, who I passionately love with every fiber of my being, are every reason worth living for and staying positively focused on our lives, goals, and purposes. I am, and have been for my entire life, a VEGAN.

I come from an all natural everything background, so it’s no wonder that despite all of my previous attempts at starting up several other businesses that weren’t Integral, It ultimately and unexpectedly happened upon me to provide people with something 100% natural. Something that inspires life and exuberance, something healthy and environmentally friendly and something that caters to all those who strive for great health, vibrancy, revitalization and longevity.Hence I am the very proud and excited creator of the Me Time Essence 100% natural bath and body products line.

​My goal is to inspire healthy change throughout the world with the daily use of our 100% natural bath and body products. Our products are not discriminatory of skin tones or textures nor is it gender-biased but rather are all created to provide pampering healing and much-needed care to whom ever for whatever their personal needs are.

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