I come from an all natural everything background, so it's no wonder that despite all of my previous attempts at starting up several other businesses that weren't Integral, It ultimately and unexpectedly happened upon me to provide people with something 100% natural. Something that inspires life and exuberance, something healthy and environmentally friendly and something that caters to all those who strive for great health, vibrancy, revitalization and longevity.Hence I am the very proud and excited creator of the  Me Time Essence 100% natural bath and body products line.

My goal is to inspire healthy change throughout the world with the daily use of our 100% natural bath and body products. Our products are not discriminatory of skin tones or textures nor is it gender-biased but rather are all created to provide pampering healing and much-needed care to whom ever for whatever their personal needs are.

2272 Moody rd
Warner Robins, Ga 31088

Store Hours

Tuesday - Saturday 12:00  - 5:00


 CALL- 478-3903018

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